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Quantum Leap’s success is rooted in two key principals:

The Plan a process by which each student, with the help of an academic mentor, initiates an educational Plan based upon his/her unique interests; the Quantum Leap Plan is inspired by the Bennington College Plan, which incorporates educational philosopher John Dewey’s idea of “learning by doing”.

Mediation a non-judgmental process for resolving conflicts in which all parties involved share the responsibility for problem-solving; trained Quantum Leap educators mediate between a student, his/her family, and school personnel to identify issues preventing the student from succeeding and to implement an educational Plan that will allow him to reconnect; as a part of this process students learn and practice conflict resolution skills.

Quantum Leap is committed to sustainability and systems change. We remain dedicated to the idea of the public school system integrating our methodology into the teaching and the programs of the schools, in order to meet the needs of students at risk. Community (local and state) support is required to initiate the Plan process outside of school when these students are in crisis. We believe that through our program, we have prevented many students from a life of crime, substance abuse, and despair.


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