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Blooming Chefs is a multi-faceted ecoliteracy program for children, teens, their families and the community involving environmental stewardship through gardening, culinary arts, creative writing and visual arts.

At the core of the Blooming Chefs mission is our desire to impart the knowledge to young people that the health of their bodies is directly related to the health of the earth.

Blooming Chefs works with schools and other organizations to create a grassroots network within the district of Bennington and beyond. Our innovative programming includes The Bennington Elementary Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Cart, After School Culinary and Creative Arts Workshops, The Bennington Student Community Garden Project, and The Indoor Greenhouse Project. Through these programs, young people have the opportunity to participate in the planning, planting, cultivation and harvesting of an instructional community garden.

The hands-on work in the garden extends to classroom and after-school projects where students improve literacy skills and connect their experiences to various content areas across the curriculum, such as science, history, geography and the study of cultures. The growing of food leads to the preparation of delicious dishes out of the bounty, and provides students with a sense of purpose and collaboration, as well as a stronger identification with the greater community.



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