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Quantum Leap Finance is dedicated to empowering youth by providing them access to financial services as tools to engage in entrepreneurial activities.Many youth around the world, ages 16 to 25 are faced with enormous hardship, including: poverty, lack of opportunity and lack of quality education. Throughout the globe, the youth of today are a particularly valuable resource and it is our goal to provide the means and support for these youth to realize their potential. The community in and around Bennington, Vermont often experiences extreme divergence in socio-economic status.

In order to counter this, it is our mission to provide youth access to focused financial services and consulting not provided to them by the formal sector. It is our belief that by providing these services, the youth of our community can begin to overcome their adverse conditions. By enabling the previously disadvantaged to constructively participate in the greater community, it is our mission to ease the tensions created by lack of opportunity. As an institution, Quantum Leap Finance is committed to self-sufficiency, both of its members and of itself. The tools we provide the young entrepreneurs are the basic tools of finance, savings facilities, access to small amounts of credit and ongoing support throughout the process. This process will encourage innovation and allow individuals to identify their interests and pursue a financial plan.

Henry Lyon and Tim Voice, Founders of Quantum Leap Finance



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