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Quantum Leap believes that one important way to reconnect the student to education is through a connection to a person, a mentor. Quantum Leap mentors are paid and volunteer, professional and community, part-time educators trained in mediation skills. Each Quantum Leap student, referred to the program by a guidance counselor, teacher, or administrator, is matched with a mentor. The mentor serves as the student’s academic advisor, guiding the student through the Plan process, as well as an adult role model.

This program combines academic tutoring with mentoring. It serves students who are struggling to succeed in at least one of their academic classes. These students are challenged with issues ranging from attendance, lengthy discipline history, different learning styles, varied abilities to focus, and needing assistance with organizational skills. Another branch of the mentoring program is after-school mentoring. Youths are paired with a mentor to spend time with after school, to help the youth explore the world through learning expeditions (trips to museums, theater productions, ocean sites, cities, etc).


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