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“The Pangaea Project was first started by cooking a four-course meal for a student and having them “pay” for the meal by each asking one question about their experience. They were then taught to cook the same meal for a full audience including many of their parents and teachers. Out of this came many rewarding things for Matthew and me as we watched their palates, friends and worlds grow at an alarming rate right in front of our eyes. The dynamic of a kitchen, with all its varying aromas, tempos and stresses, brings out a wonderful camaraderie in the students as they learn to trust and appreciate each other in a new endeavor that encompasses so many senses. Recently Gene Rowley, a retired chef, has brought in many new ideas for format and venue allowing us to reach a larger group of students and audience members. Exposure is key in my mind for the Quantum Leap program. Susan, Danny and the other mentors have brought something very special to our community that is unparalleled nationally in its success. It is truly a privilege to work on such an important program.”

William F. Scully, Pangaea Restaurant and Lounge



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