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pangaea projectis a culinary arts experience for at-risk high school students.

blooming chefsis a multi-faceted ecoliteracy program for children, teens, their families and the community involving environmental stewardship through gardening, culinary arts, creative writing and visual arts.

Quantum Leap Connections aims to bring together communities of at-risk youth around the world through exhibit of their work, by supporting entrepreneurial ventures, and by communication through email and letter exchanges.

financeis dedicated to empowering youth by providing them access to financial services as tools to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

sababa"Sababa" is a word that means "cool," created by both Israeli and Palestinian adolescent youth. "Sababa" is an example of the spontaneous, hopeful response that is possible when youth are given the opportunity to respond to their conflicts.

The Public Art project is a community project that centers on learning for students at the Mount Anthony Union Middle School to design and create a public sculpture that will be placed at The Bennington Museum.

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