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Quantum Leap offers Conflict Resolution training and workshops.

Mediation and Negotiation Mediation is where two or more people in a conflict volunteer to participate in a dialogue where a third neutral party guides them through a process in order to come to an agreement. This training is based on the one taught by The Friends Conflict Resolution Programs in Philadelphia. A three-week training is offered to students at Bennington College followed by a six-week advanced training. Workshops are also offered in mediation skills as well as principled negotiation.

Facilitation is a training for people who are interested in getting the skills necessary to lead groups through a process or to get the ability to organize and run meetings. This training can be a series of workshops or a six-hour intensive.

Anger Management This training is especially geared toward teenagers who need to learn how to control their anger and gain self-discipline. It is a series of workshops designed to watch films, interpret behavior, and practice skills for understanding one’s reactions and how to engage in constructive problem-solving.

Multi-Party Dispute Resolution/Collaborative Problem-Solving This training is for mediators and/or facilitators who want skills in working with groups to solve problems and conflicts. A three-week training is offered to students at Bennington College. A series of workshops utilizing Live Session Role-Plays enables people to get the skills necessary to not only participate in groups solving conflicts, but also how to guide groups in this process.

Quantum Leap Mentoring This is a series of workshops in the Quantum Leap method of mentoring. Participants get some basic mediation skills with an introduction to the Plan Process of Bennington College based on the educational philosophy of John Dewey. Elements such as experiential learning, project based education, interest driven learning expeditions and collaborative problem-solving are all skills that are introduced and practiced.



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